Intimacy with God through faith in Jesus Christ transforms lives. This ministry is focused on a growing and intimate pursuit of God through teaching, preaching, prayer, solitude retreats, hermitages, publishing, seminars, conferences and special gatherings. This intimate pursuit of God brings revelation to those who influence and shape our communities, nation and the world.

Read Latest Journal Entries

For years, Linda has published monthly journal entries chronicling her journey and inspiring others to their walk of faith, the walk of intimacy with God, she is pursuing. In the past year, those entries have become less frequent as the cancer journey has weighed upon her, but her writings are just as encouraging, instructive and inspiring.

Available Books and CDs

Linda has written several books including Words Aptly Spoke, Armageddon Bride and Holy Communion, Holy Invasion as well as numerous Journal posts over the past 15 years, as well as producing CDs. Now, she is beginning work on a new book centered around the “The Breath of God.” Watch for future information on this exciting project.