Birthday Greetings to Linda

Words often fail to express the fulness of love, but for lovers, there’s no choice but to try. For Linda at this time of her birthday (I won’t tell the number of years), I want to try to convey those words that best convey what she means to me and so many others. Here it goes—

Inspiring  —  Linda lives what she believes
In-depth  —  well past surface prayers, into the heart of God
Devoted  —  to studying the Scriptures
In-touch  —  with God, with friends, with the times
Involved  —  in the lives of her family and close friends
Hopeful   —  declaring the divine destiny of God for others
Faithful   —  in believing the best in others and for the promises of God
Living     —  fully embracing life
Loving    —  and fun-loving!
Prayerful — Always, she lives in prayer

There’s many more that could describe her but there only so many that define her life. She lives for truth, for Christ, for the redemption of souls, for family, for friends, for fulness of life.

If you would, take a moment and send her birthday greetings and pray for her health at this time. God bless you for participating in our lives.

--Mike Schreurs

Mammoth Shift

It’s been awhile since I’ve published one of our IWG Journals, but I’m feeling compelled by the Holy Spirit that now is a pertinent time to do so with so many seismic shifts going on all around us in various ways. Do you feel it? I’m not sure I’ll be able to pin-point it exactly, but I do know this: something is imminent and of great magnitude that’s shifting things on the face of the earth. I’m not predicting the Lord’s Second Coming, but we do know that at some point in the earth’s history that will indeed happen and of course, every day brings us a bit closer.

I think one of things noted significantly in my spirit was an article I just read this week.  I will be very careful to try to state the story without a lot of details. But I was aghast as I read about a couple living together for a number of years—without the sacred sacrament of marriage—and who wrote a ‘Christian book’ about raising kids…etc, etc. How far have we moved from righteousness?! Are we walking the walk of Jesus and His holiness and righteousness, or have we shifted to the more popular worldly ways that do not adhere to the purity of the Gospel?

I was shocked to hear on the Rush Limbaugh show recently that the Pope has declared there is no hell.  Unbelievable! I thought I couldn’t be hearing this correctly. So I listened for awhile and it was true. I’m still stunned, and even as I write this, there was a cartoon in the paper today showing the Pope sitting in his Papal chair holding a sign that says, “No hell.” And then it shows a priest before him holding a sign that says, “Hell no!” Has the pope never read the Bible?!

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Fireflies and Roses

At the beginning of this year, I felt I was to take a break from writing these monthly IWG Journals that I’ve been doing since my ordination 17 years ago. However, June is my birthday month, and I felt led to write one this month.

June of course, denotes the half way point of the year, so it’s time to take stock of what has already unfolded and be excited for what the rest of the year holds!

One of the most fascinating things about this first summer month is the emergence of the lightning bugs or fireflies. I always feel like a little kid with a giggle in my heart when I see these delightful little insects appearing all over our back yard with their glowing bodies. Our God is so creative! These little creatures go about in the dark blinking their little lights showing off their special gifting. It has reminded me again of the special gifting each of us has, if we would walk in it. God has been very creative with each one of us and it is wise to walk under His divine direction to bring Him all the glory for the unique person He’s created us to be. 

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