Birthday Greetings to Linda

Words often fail to express the fulness of love, but for lovers, there’s no choice but to try. For Linda at this time of her birthday (I won’t tell the number of years), I want to try to convey those words that best convey what she means to me and so many others. Here it goes—

Inspiring  —  Linda lives what she believes
In-depth  —  well past surface prayers, into the heart of God
Devoted  —  to studying the Scriptures
In-touch  —  with God, with friends, with the times
Involved  —  in the lives of her family and close friends
Hopeful   —  declaring the divine destiny of God for others
Faithful   —  in believing the best in others and for the promises of God
Living     —  fully embracing life
Loving    —  and fun-loving!
Prayerful — Always, she lives in prayer

There’s many more that could describe her but there only so many that define her life. She lives for truth, for Christ, for the redemption of souls, for family, for friends, for fulness of life.

If you would, take a moment and send her birthday greetings and pray for her health at this time. God bless you for participating in our lives.

--Mike Schreurs